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Intercultural expertise for online marketing

Culture Chameleon is an international online marketing hub for startups that want to take the plunge overseas. We will help you identify new growth markets and reach your new target audience abroad using the right mix of online marketing that is purposefully optimized to your Needs.

Our specialty lies in internationalizing your existing online marketing strategy. We check whether national actions can be carried over to the selected target country and either adapt them or offer suitable alternatives.

Naturally, we can also advise you on your national online marketing activities as well.



We’re a startup consultation agency, with a small team in our office in the Cologne Mediapark coordinating an expanding network of country consultants, professional translators, and international online marketing experts.

Culture Chameleon is a project very close to my heart. For me, it’s an opportunity to express my fascination with cultural diversity, my international experience, and my professional skills in online Marketing.

In 2010, I went to Paris, where I still spend lots of time. Back then, I worked for an agency, first as operational campaign manager and later in sales, promoting the agency’s proprietary software. That was when I realized that I wanted to create something of my own. I went freelance and began tinkering with the Culture Chameleon project while working for agencies, major businesses, and startups, which helped me build an international network.

In Paris, we were a large, international team with people from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Portugal, while my friends were German, French, English, American, and Swedish. It taught me to live and work in international environs and brought me face-to-face with the widest variety of philosophies and approaches. It also showed me how to see my own culture from a different perspective.

For example, a part of my work was to adapt French marketing campaigns to a German target audience and sell a French product to German customers.

Then, as a freelancer, I managed online marketing campaigns for France, Spain, USA, and Mexico, which meant I had to consciously examine the differences between the various countries—like one and the same keyword generating a four times higher cost-per-click in the USA than in Germany, or the massively different demand situation for a product in France, England, and Germany.

My experiences naturally affect how we design our services. An awareness of cultural differences is essential for everyone who wants to be successful internationally. And then there are aspects relevant to startups, like scalability and growth hacking, which we also take into consideration.

We pursue high quality standards in our work, which is why we adopt a strong consulting-focused approach before moving on to realization. We remain closely connected with our client throughout the project, so that we can integrate changes and new developments into the internationalization process rapidly. We emphasize personal dialogue, collaboration, and win-win.

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