Target Audience Consulting

Using analyses and trend reports, we identify high-demand target markets for your products and services and check the competitive situation in potential countries in addition to cultural, legal, and logistical requirements.

Translation and Localization

Our native speakers translate and localize websites, apps, and web content with respect to content, language style, design, cultural customs, and country-specific formats such as currencies, measurement units, and addresses.

International Online Marketing Consulting

Whether it’s SEO, SEA, or social media marketing: We create country-specific online marketing concepts and help you select the online marketing instruments and channels that are relevant to your company’s goals and target audiences.

International Online Marketing Management

Based on a previously defined international online marketing strategy, we create localized web content, control and optimize your multilingual AdWords campaigns, or interact with your worldwide Facebook community.

International E-Commerce and Export

We would be more than happy to refer you to a partner in the respective field of expertise for all additional, global e-commerce and export-related topics.